When your projects with a strong human component are confronted with inertia, a wait-and-see attitude, or opposition, MANAGING helps you get through the course, efficiently, pragmatically, and with the support of your teams.


Within organizations, many projects (strategic reorientation, organizational evolution, evolution in methods of operation and collaboration, etc.) often fail or drag on, even when they are relevant and well thought out, and leaders and their teams have devoted time and energy to their preparation.

We intervene by providing methodological support to leaders and managers in order to create the necessary conditions for the success of their projects, while instilling a positive and value-generating dynamic within their organization.


We build tailor-made support systems, whether it is a global coaching approach, a one-time support in the preparation and facilitation of a key moment (seminar, launch meeting, etc.), or a very targeted coaching with one or a few employees facing difficulties.

We rely on mastered profession-specific actions and proven methodological stances (sociodynamics and allies strategy, Go game, Nudge, etc.) to:

  • Co-pilot the process with you, providing you with regular feedback from our actions with your teams, helping you make the best decisions to accelerate and successfully achieve your transformation.
  • Conduct individual interviews aimed at raising awareness, increasing managerial skills, and taking action.
  • Facilitate collective moments (meetings, workshops, seminars, etc.) aimed at fostering ownership, aligning actors, developing cooperation or mobilization around a project, co-building a roadmap, etc.
  • Produce relevant synthesis, analysis, and communication documents at each stage of our collaboration.
  • Design and facilitate group managerial training or co-development activities.


  • In a multi-site company where each agency historically had a strong degree of independence and where competition/internal tensions were hampering the efficiency of the team, we supported Management in building and retaining an Executive Committee, defining common orientations and pooling the support functions.
  • In a context of crisis and renewal of functions, we supported the management entities of a large hospital through the evolution of their operating methods, in particular by strengthening the dialogue between the Executive Committee and the representative bodies of the medical profession.
  • Following a strike and in the context of a severely degraded social climate, we helped the members of a production unit to regain confidence and the pleasure of working together, in the service of a shared ambition.
  • Within a joint organization, we supported the Board of Directors of the Grand Est in the construction and implementation of its regional roadmap.


In the life of companies, restructuring often becomes necessary, sometimes involving downsizing measures.

In the context of collective redundancies, we provide support to the employees concerned within the framework of the Information and Counseling Centers (France’s PICs) as well as through facilitation at job centers.

We offer you our regional expertise for your restructuring projects in the Grand Est, as well we can assist on your national projects thanks to our partners in the Transition and Territories network.